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Do you crave deep and meaningful conversations? The kind of conversations that jazz you up, stretch your mind, and leave you wanting more? Those are the kind of conversations you’ll hear on SuzanneSays…Courageous Conversations About Life and Living.

Host Suzanne Bird-Harris talks with friends and colleagues about what lights them up, their fears and flaws, who they’ve been, who they are are, and who they are becoming. You know, the stuff that makes and breaks us.

Suzanne is fairly sure her curiosity will be the death of her but until then? She’s on a mission to use her experience, strength, and hope to support and inspire herself and others to live a life authentically their own, realize their potential, and leave their mark on the world in a way that is meaningful to them.

If you are hell-bent on wringing every last drop of awesome out of this life and the time you have here, this podcast is for you. Listen here or on your favorite podcast app. And be sure to subscribe!

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