Season 1, Episode 15

Ellen Lettrich: Let Your Interests Create Your Path in Life

Dec 15, 2021

Ellen Lettrich came into my world billed as “flaky, but you’ll love her!”  The second part is true, but Ellen…flaky? Absolutely not. Too many irons in the fire? Maybe…but busy people get things done, and Ellen. Gets. Shit. Done. She’s the type of woman who has to take action when she sees a problem she can solve. Even if it means a career change. Even if it means going back to college for a different degree. Even if it means a post-graduate degree. Even if it means selling her company to start a nonprofit. Even if…

And she’s a #SteelerNation girl! In fact, back in our childhoods, our lives were happening less than 100 miles from each other. But we had to grow up, move away (her to NYC and me to Tulsa), and go through a few career changes to finally meet through a mutual friend. SO glad we did, and I’m so glad to introduce this dynamo to you!

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